Blurb on smart homes
We’ve all seen various smarthome products hitting the market lately. From wi-fi enabled light bulbs to thermostats to security systems to personal assistants. While many of these products seem from the outside to be kitschy and more of a novelty, I’ve found that even the silliest items are invaluable when put to use. I mean come on, how hard is it to flip a light switch. But since integrating my houses light bulbs with Amazon Echo’s Alexa I have been amazed at how nice it is to have such a seemingly simple task to be done just by telling Alexa to ‘turn on the living room lights.’ No more fumbling around in the dark, and no more getting up and down while watching TV just to change the ambiance. All of these small luxuries really add up to make my down time more, well, down. And this isn’t limited to small niceties like lights, but there are smart features for your heating and air conditioning systems and security systems too. Imagine leaving home knowing that your daily energy use will be optimized to save you as much money as possible, while still allowing you to come home to a comfortable house.
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When Double.TryParse fails in international sites.

Today I had a very bizarre bug in which latitudes and longitudes that needed to be parsed from string to double was failing. The code was simple:

double checklat;
bool isValidLat = Double.TryParse(currentLocation.latitude, out checklat);
if(isValidLat) {
     //do something
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Writing a task based Gulp plugin

Gulp is such an amazing workflow tool, it can automate aspects of the most complex workflows so you can focus more on programming your project and less on managing it. It called “The streaming build system” by its developers. Is has similar capabilities as Grunt, however, for anyone who uses Grunt currently, I strongly suggest looking into making the switch. But that is another discussion.

Gulp is written using the node.js framework and its managed by the powerful node package manager (npm). For those who are not familiar with node.js, in a nutshell I like to think of it as server side, real time, javascript. Although that description alone is not enough to fully quantify all that its capable of.

What this means is when your developing your Gulp-based work flow, you have not just the thousands of Gulp plugins available, but you can also leverage the power of the thousands of plugins available for node.js through npm.

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Building your own Programming Language

Have you ever wondered how programming languages are made? I have. I reached the point in my journey as a programmer when I decided that I need to stop taking the languages and programs that I write in for granted and I need to understand what’s going on under the hood. It’s like how most of us drive cars to work every day but have no clue how the car actually works. 

Well I decided that in order to gain a deep understanding on how programming languages actually work that I want to create my own. This is the first article in a series of articles that I’m going to write on the creation of a new programming language I decided to call MOPLIS (MOwn Programming Language ISweet!)

Programming a language at its core is all about programming a compiler. Most Computer Science majors should have at least a class or two on how compilers work and how to build a simple one. Unfortunately, for those like me who are primarily self-taught we have to figure this kind of stuff out on my own.

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